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Addiction Treatment Sunnyvale CA

Addiction treatment for Sunnyvale

If you are facing a nagging addiction every day and you are tired of it, then it is time to get treatment. A Better Today can help you get over your addiction and get your life back into your own hands. You have probably already noticed that, sometimes, will power is not enough to stop using a substance. Addiction panels the chemicals in your brain so that if you do not use drugs or alcohol then you will not be able to function. A Better Today will assist you in any ways necessary along the way toward recovery. Do not wait any longer to get help, you have fueled your addiction for too long. If you have decided that you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then please call 408 214-0420 now.

How Can A Better Today Help?

Addiction attacks the chemical production centers in the brain, it takes hold of the neurotransmitters that help produce dopamine and glutamate. Dopamine is what stimulated the euphoric feeling in the brain while glutamate turns that feeling into a memory. Because your body becomes costumed to such high levels of dopamine your body will physically and mentally crave more and more drugs or alcohol. This is what makes addiction so dangerous and hard to overcome. It may seem impossible for you to stop using substances right now, but with help from A Better Today you will be able to overcome your addiction issues. In order to get your body ready for rehab you will be put through a detox cycle to flush your body clean from all of the harmful chemical it has consumed during your addiction. After that, you will begin your individualized rehab program with trained professionals who know how to stop addiction. Do not wait any longer, A Better Today wants to help you.

Our Goals of Addiction Treatment

A Better Today’s obvious and overall goal is to get you off drugs and alcohol all together. We have such an intense understanding of addiction and how to get over it that we are begging you to let us help you reach sobriety under our care. Our staff also does a fantastic job of educating clients on addiction and how it can come about so that you will have knowledge of how to avoid relapsing in tense situations. Again, recovery is not impossible. There is no addiction that can scare away A Better Today, our staff will be fully committed to helping you overcome your addiction so that you can get back to being happy doing the things you want be doing with those close to you. The hardest step of the entire recovery process is to speak up and ask for help. You can get that step out of the way in 10 minutes if you call 408 214-0420 right now. We have people standing by the phone waiting for you to call. Do yourself the best favor you can, get help.